Surgical Assisting Kits (SAK) are single-use personalized medical devices for assisting medical professionals in cutting, drilling and positioning of bones during surgical operation. Based on CT/MRI imaging of the patient’s actual anatomy, Meticuly engineers provide 3D planning and custom-made surgery assisting kits that match the exact planned position and angle of interventions. More predictable outcome, notably operation time saving, and reliable degree of accuracy are expected to be achieved. The personalized instruments have been designed for general use in various surgical procedures (i.e. applicable for orthopaedic, maxillofacial, plastic and neurological surgeries) and are intended to used as part of Meticuly system to assist the implantation of metallic prosthesis and bone fixation devices.

Applications for personalized surgical assisting kit

Cutting guide: for accurate bone osteotomy and resections of bone sarcoma
Drilling guide: to provide accurate bone drilling for insertion of screws
Positioning guide: to assist the positioning of fractured bones and deformity correction
Grafting guide: to aid in preparation of bone graft with exact planned anatomy and size

Features & Benefits

Cutting Guides & Drilling Guides

3D planning and custom surgical guides
Provide more accurate and predictable operation following pre-surgical plan. Ensure minimal invasive operation and bone loss.

Anatomical design
Ensure bone conformity with minimal attaching area

Tailor-made solution
Customizable solution for selected products and various surgical techniques

Accurate osteotomy
Cutting guides support single-cut, biplanar, chevron osteotomy for correction of bone deformities and resections of bone sarcoma

Precise fixation
Drilling guides provide precise position and angle of drilling and insertion of screws and k-wire fixation

Combinable suite
A compact design to combine cutting and drilling guides in one system.

Metallic cutting insert and drilling sleeve
Provide precise guidance for cutting and drilling. Support both oscillating saw and reciprocating saw.

Safe and durable 
Manufactured with biocompatible polymer-based 3D printing technology ensuring rigid and precise shape.

Easy and reliable
Easy-to-use guides help surgeon to precisely carry out the operations. It could also be used to perform pre-operative planning.

Positioning Guides

Bone model
Anatomical bone model to indicate pathology, fracture site, and deformity of bone

Mirrored model
Anatomical bone model to present 3D mirroring of normal contralateral side of  the bone

Reconstructed model
Fractured bones are reassembled according to anatomical characteristic of the contralateral side. The model is reconstructed with the presence of fracture lines.

X-ray visible model
Anatomical bone model with metallic markers to allow visibility of positioning markers via intra-operative X-ray imaging

Positioning model
Guides that provide position/orientation for implantation of prostheses on bone according to pre-operative planning utilizing k-wire fixation

Grafting Guides

Exact shape and size
Custom-made guides allow preparation of allograft to match exact planned anatomy and size

Stable graft holder
Ensure perfect fitment of bone graft to the holder with pre-drilled holes for k-wire fixation

Accurate osteotomy
Provide precise guidance for cutting that support both oscillating and reciprocating saws

Easy to use
Simply put bone graft inside, cut and drill according to the guide, done.

1. Determine gap (bone defect) that needed to be filled

2. Prepare allograft

3. Apply grafting guide for precise osteotomy of allograft

4. Install the customized graft

Specification & scope of customization